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Tycon Academy

Tycon Academy is the major approach of our corporate training, the fundamental function to the sustainable development of the group.

Internal training is the regeneration of strength for the group, the integration of cultivation, coaching and solvation: to cultivate with corporation spirit and thinking, to coach with specific knowledge and expertise and to solve questions and puzzles in the career and corporate development. As part of the corporate management, training is an efficient management tool and the essential step to advance with the development pace and the strategy of the group. The changes and revolutions within the company initiated from the development and innovation of ideas, technologies, methods. The basics relied on the cooperation and share among departments and subsidiaries. The establishment of a learning-inspired company is incorporated with the group strategies and the basement of an everlasting company.

The newly founded Academy on internal coaches is a pyramid structure from skills and techniques at the bottom, to the business ability in the middle and towards the organizational strategy and cultural heritage at the top. The internal training is the inner drive for the company and the grind for the competitive power: refine the organizational wisdom and empower team talents, establishing a reputation as business. This would the expectation from the group and the examination to the coaches. We expect the internal coaches shall advance with all the employee, forming a long-lasting system of heritage for generations.  

The Tycon Academy is founded with the first board of directors led by the Dean Mr. Shao Naiwen, and the board members include: Huo Haoqing, Yu Kun, Geng Bing, Hu, Zhen, Ye Bokang, Xu Shenzhou, Xu Bolong, Jiang Lingling.


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