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Shanghai Tycon Group Co. Ltd., (Tycon group) was founded in 2004 with registered capital of 3.06 billion RMB. Tycon group’s core businesses include developing modern industrial parks and comprehensive warehouse and logistics parks. Providing customers with professional service solutions and customized products, Tycon group is a capital-driven and diversified company specializes in cross-industry and cross-region industrial real estate investment and management, planning and development, and construction and operation. 

After 15 years of development, Tycon Group has established a sophisticated management team represented by experienced senior management talents and aspiration technical elites returned from overseas. "Dare to be the first, Excellence and Integrity, and Diligence and Responsibility" are the core values and behaviors of the business. Embracing those values and behaviors, Tycon Group prides itself on not only a one-team corporate culture, but also an impressive market brand and social image.

Tycon Group consists of a few wholly owned subsidiaries: Shanghai Tycon Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd., Huangzhuo Business Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tycon Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Tycon Metal Products Co., Ltd. While based in Shanghai, Tycon Group conducts businesses across China’s major logistics hubs in the Yangtze River Delta region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Pearl River Delta River region and Southwestern-China region. In addition, Tycon Group successively extended its business to Hong Kong and formed subsidiaries such as Brilliant Champ International Limited, Brilliant Champ Industrial Development Limited and Brilliant Champ Logistics Facilities Development Limited. Since its establishment, Tycon group has created its unique business model in industrial project investment, development, construction, operation, and technology research. The company's customers include European and American enterprises and well-known capital funds from overseas.

Specifically, Shanghai Tycon Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is qualified to be: Chinese Housing Authority’s Level-one construction general contractor, Municipal Infrastructure & Construction Level-three general contractor, Machinery Installation Level-three specialty subcontractor, Steel Structure Level-three specialty subcontractor. In 2017, the company was nominated to be a council member of Minhang District’s Construction Committee in Shanghai. Shanghai Tycon Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of largest and most capable construction companies in Shanghai. The company is committed to building high-quality specialized industrial warehouse and logistic parks. The company has also established strategic partnerships with offshore funds. With vigorous development of green ecological buildings and the BIM technology, the company has set up a green building department with a professional BIM team to provide real-time monitoring and high-tech support for each project cycle. To adapt to China’s move towards sustainable development of green buildings, the company continues to improve the quality of its construction projects and ensure construction safety by maxing the usage of prefabricated building technology, scientific engineering management method, and the EPCM five-in-one construction model. The company’s pioneering technology not only laid a solid foundation for the success of LOGOS Hangzhou Modern Logistics and E-Commerce Industrial Park project, but also set up high standards for all other Tycon Group’s projects. Shanghai Tycon Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is truly China’s leading force in the prefabricated industrial real estate industry. 

Huangzhuo Business Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for Tycon Group’s industrial real estate development, providing the group with expertise from industrial real estate investment, development to operations. The company secures overseas capitals, signs strategic corporate agreements, and develops a range of large-scale industrial plants and warehouse and logistics parks in China’s top tier cities. For example, in 2014, the company, together with Singapore’s Vibrant Group, invested and developed Feihuang Indsutrial Park. In 2016, the company collaborated with Australian’s private equity firm LOGOS Group to develop E-commerce industrial parks, international integrated logistics parks, technology-focused industrial park and other projects in China’s major commerce centers such as Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Chongqing. Furthermore, the company continues to cooperate and develop ventures with LOGOS Group in a rapid pace.

Shanghai Tycon Information Technology Co., ltd. is the technology arm of Tycon Group, responsible for information technology research and development. The company has made an extensive amount of investment in the field of intelligent building systems, green building technology and advanced construction technology. In addition, the company cooperates with German research firms on the development and application of new construction technology and building materials. In additional, the company provides the Group with informational security and intellectual support in the pre-planning of government and design institute industrial-development projects. 

Over the years, Tycon Group devotes itself to innovation with a market-led and government-oriented approach. As always, the company continues to practice business and create value with its philosophy of “People-oriented, Technology-focused, Continuous Improvement, and Win-Win for all”.

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