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Chairman Voice

My sincere appreciation to those who has paid close attention to Tycon Group’s growth. Because of your understanding, trust, care, and support, Tycon Group has seen exponential and robust growth over the years. Tycon Group dedicates itself to innovating in the industrial real estate industry, finding solutions to the most difficult technical challenges in the construction space, and embracing a future generation of talents. 

Since China’s reform and opening-up, Chinese economy has grown exponentially. Over the past several decades, Tycon Group has kept up with country’s rapid growth and fulfilled its business principal of “Dare to be the first, Excellence and Integrity, and Diligence and Responsibility”.

Tycon Group has established its business values of “Sincerity, Dedication, Faithfulness, and Loyalty”. The Group continues to thrive, adapt, grow, and operate through sound management, scientific method and innovative approach. In additional, the Group has utilized its competitive advantage to build an elite Tycon brand and ensure its sustainability. 

Tycon Group’s success can be attributed to guidance received from industry leaders and authorities, support gained from its customers, and expertise obtained from its hardworking staff. Tycon Group is not only grateful but also encouraged to achieve bigger and better. 

Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. Tycon Group keeps in mind of its value proposition and upholds its philosophy of “People-oriented, Technology-focused, Continuous Improvement, and Win-Win for all”. Tycon Group continues to undertake social responsibilities, promote social progress, abide by its corporate guideline of "high quality and high standards”, and strive to be the best with innovation and integrity! 

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